Dear Partner,

We are proud to introduce our recently rearticulated Code of Ethics and Values. Our values guide us, as they always have and we find they are increasingly relevant to share with our partners as legislation changes and the industry evolves, promoting higher standards of fairness and transparency. This Code of Ethics and Values informs not only how we engage partners such as yourself, but they also help us define who we will engage with as we seek long-term relationships that will support the coffee industry’s future.

About RGC

RGC is a private, family owned and operated green coffee importer based in Montreal, Canada. Our core values of quality, transparency, flexibility, independence and responsibility guide the way in which we do business.  This has earned us a strong industry wide reputation.

Corporate Stewardship & Community Partnering
We are committed to preserving the communities and ecosystems that make coffee flourish. 

RGC has defined priorities at origin that can be categorized into three interdependent areas:
  • Elevate: Improve access to food, water and health care for producers
  • Empower: Illuminate opportunities in education, human rights and financial literacy
  • Educate: Instill business rigor in agricultural best practices, productivity and profitability and income diversification

This model ties into our Code of Ethics and Values as it is based on collaboration, accountability and measurable results with our partners. Our goal is to strengthen our value chain through collaboration and adherence with our Code and Ethics and Values. By moving forward together, we are able to conduct better business and improve the environment in which we exist.

If you have any questions regarding our Code of Ethics and Values, please contact our team at


Code of Ethics and Values

Commitment to an Ethical Value Chain

RGC selects business partners, suppliers, roasters, service providers and employees who are aligned with us in the support of ever-increasing ethical standards for our industry. We welcome and embrace evolution and innovation in our business partnerships.


RGC encourages and supports transparency and open communication in our supply chains. This environment fosters relationships building on trust, collaboration and mutual support.

Long-Term Relationships

RGC is a family owned company spanning generations that has developed stable relationships with strategically selected suppliers and trading partners. Our partnerships have been upheld throughout the years as we supported one another through market volatility, currency fluctuations, natural disasters and general unpredictability. Our relationships are stronger because of all we have learned together and from one another. 

Quality Laboratory Operations

Our quality control laboratory in Montreal upholds the highest quality control and operational standards to ensure objective and professional evaluation of samples.

Food Safety

RGC upholds strict food safety standards of both Canada and the United States’ phytosanitary requirements. Green coffee is a raw agricultural product, where a constant variability of quality exists. Precautions are always undertaken when purchasing and transporting green coffee which includes but is not limited to buying from trusted suppliers, reviewing and grading samples and working with pre-selected logistics companies. RGC is a member in good standing with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s C-TPAT program.

Compliance with Laws

RGC endeavors to always comply with the laws of each country in which it conducts business, including the intent and spirit of the laws and acting in good faith. RGC and its employees are prohibited from acting with intent to knowingly disregard any laws and regulations locally and abroad.

Gifting and Contributions

RGC’s policy on gifting is to channel the spirit of the holiday season as donations to charitable organizations located in Canada and the United States. Gifts given to a partner are either token coffee memorabilia, branded promotional accessories or low-value food packages. We do not participate or condone bribery or corruption in our supply chain.

Labour Rights

RGC strictly prohibits all forms of child and forced labour as defined by the United Nations Global Compact and the International Labour Organization. We expect our partners to not knowingly employ or in any other situation, take advantage of children under the minimum legal working age and uphold the labor laws in their respective countries. RGC also mandates that its partners ensure that no employees are subjected to forced or bonded labour and that every employee is working under their own free will.

Employment and Equal Opportunity for All

RGC does not discriminate against race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religion or gender. We believe that all employees should be treated equally. RGC provides safe working conditions, fair compensation and benefits to all our employees. We do not limit opportunities for those who work with us in any of our North American or International operations and we encourage the same of our business partners. 

Local & Origin Community Partnering

RGC prioritizes efforts that utilize technical assistance and can elevate livelihoods and opportunities both locally and at origin. We engage in local activities and involve ourselves with a sense of stewardship and the responsibility to be good neighbors. Our local efforts focus on health care, child welfare, education, and services for the elderly.

Reducing our Footprint on the Planet

RGC works to minimize our impact on our planet through internal programs to reduce energy consumption. We telecommute and teleconference instead of traveling when possible and minimize landfill waste by recycling and composting. We conduct annual reviews of our internal operations to help guide continuous improvements both at the workplace and at home. We expect our partners to promote the same respect for the environment and protection of our planet.
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