COPY Aguadas Farmworkers
Caldas, Colombia

Why this Project is so Important?

Farmworkers are among the most vulnerable and invisible partners in the coffee supply chain, yet – they are directly responsible for ensuring the success of each year’s harvest. Las Manos del Café is the first project of its kind that aims to develop and implement mechanisms targeted specifically at elevating the well-being and socio-economic livelihood of farmworkers. By ensuring the basic needs of farmworkers are being met, we are creating a more dignified and socially viable workforce in the coffee sector.


Meet the needs of farmworkers, producers, and local organizations, while identifying and implementing solution to make employment within the coffee industry more socially viable.

What is the Project?

The main hypothesis of the pilot is that by improving working conditions, giving farmworkers better access to information and offering training programs for farmworkers, small-scale farm owners would be able to attract and retain qualified labor on their farms. And, therefore increase the quality and quantity of their coffee. 

The Aguadas Cooperative is partnering with RGC Coffee (importer), Expocafe (exporter), SCA, UTZ, Fair Trade USA, CRECE, Solidaridad and the Luis-Jota Foundation to oversee and fund the Farmworkers Pilot. 

The Details:

Aguadas, Caldas

Medical Support

First worker in medical support services.
Aguadas, Caldas


Training begins on picking and sorting the coffee cherries.
Aguadas, Caldas


Promote overall sustainability on the coffee farms has been implemented through continual training sessions.
Aguadas, Caldas


Open access and dialogue at the cooperative level to address the needs of farmworkers.

The Results:

A technical council has been formed to oversee all training and education of participating producers who desire to increase and improve the quality of farmworkers.

Results will be shared in Q2 2018. 
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