What we offer roasters large and small

Rigorous testing and cupping. For your peace of mind, we test every container before it leaves origin and upon arrival to ensure quality and consistency. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

In-depth insight and information. Ask us anything about the coffee industry. We’ll give you a straight-up answer that will help you make better decisions.

Whatever it takes to get your coffee. You need financing, logistics, or expert advice? We’ll do our utmost to help you get the green coffee you dream about.

Best of all, our passion for coffee supports the communities and ecosystems where coffee grows.

Futures market

A futures exchange or futures market is a central financial exchange where people can trade standardized futures contracts; that is, a contract or agreement between a buyer or a seller to buy specific quantities of a commodity or financial instrument at a specified price with delivery set at a specified time in the future.

Such instruments are priced according to the movement of the underlying asset, in our case the commodity of Coffee. By participating in a futures market, buyers and sellers create natural hedges against price swings in the coffee market while locking in coffee supply.
600 m - 2,200 m
More expensive
60% of
world production
The delicate evocative flavors of Arabica beans are drawn from the soil, fruits, flowers, and conditions of the microclimate at their source. So Arabica taste profiles, body, and acidity have a range as diverse as the farms they come from.
0 - 800 m
Twice the amount
of caffeine
Commonly used in
instant coffee
Hardier and more adaptable to different climates and soils, the Robusta coffee plant makes up about 40% of the world’s coffee. With almost double the caffeine of Arabica, Robusta has a more bitter taste. It is often used as filler or a cost-reducer.

Spot Inventory

Carefully stored in our warehouses, spot coffee is available in a wide range of profiles, and ready for delivery.

Forward Coffee

Coffee that’s on the move to a final destination or still at its origin, is called forward coffee. 
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Direct Trade

Some roasters choose to work directly with the farmers or organizations producing the coffee. Called direct trade, such relationships may involve contract negotiation, purchasing, training, and other kinds of exchanges.

If you need assistance in such a relationship, we’d be happy to provide guidance, financing, and logistical support. It’s something we do to provide a helping hand to those roasters who may not have the logistical experience or up-front capital to move the coffee from origin to their roasting plant.
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If you’re anywhere in continental North America, we’ll ship your coffee in a timely way and handle all the customs paperwork. We also ship to anywhere else in the world including Europe & the Middle-East.

The red dots below are Ports of Entry to the US and Canada, so if you’re located somewhere other than right on a red dot, not to worry, our network of trains, barges and trucks will bring the coffee right to your door.
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