We know our beans.

Before importing green coffee from some of the best producers and exporters in over 20 countries, we’ve done our due diligence on their beans.

Looking for a recommendation on taste profiles and qualities to suit your needs? Do ask one of our experienced traders. We’re coffee geeks happy to share our knowledge.
The delicate evocative flavors of Arabica beans are drawn from the soil, fruits, flowers, and conditions of the microclimate at their source.

So Arabica taste profiles, body, and acidity have a range as diverse as the farms they come from.
Hardier and more adaptable to different climates and soils, the Robusta coffee plant makes up about 40% of the world’s coffee production. With almost double the caffeine content of Arabica, Robusta has a more bitter taste. It is often used as filler or a cost-reducer and can be found in many instant coffee products.
Did you know…
The world consumes 1.6 billion cups of coffee daily.
Coffee is the second most traded commodity after petroleum.
It takes between two to three years for most coffee trees to mature enough to produce a first crop.
Coffee Consumers
1) USA
2) Brazil
3) Germany
4) Italy
5) Japan
Most of the coffee in the world is grown in the “Coffee Belt”, between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
Brazil produces almost one third of the world's coffee.
It takes 100 coffee beans to make one cup of coffee.
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