Ron Gabbay, our President, co-founded the company in 1968 in Montreal.  When Ron started his coffee career, he had family already involved in the trade.

Ron has been part of the coffee industry for over 50 years.  His children, Nathalie and Jonathan, are third-generation coffee traders.

Throughout his years, Ron has instilled a strong value system and strict focus on quality, earning him and his company a stellar industry wide reputation.


As specialists in the premium and specialty coffee market, we offer roasters in-depth expertise about valuable opportunities in both the spot and forward coffee markets.

As forward-thinking business people, we promote sustainable development to preserve and enhance the communities and ecosystems where coffee grows.



Quality in the coffee and service we deliver.

Transparency in our pricing and activities in the market.

Flexible service that partners with you to track, recommend, develop and deliver coffee opportunities.

Adaptability to fast-changing markets and your evolving needs by offering tailored services.

Commitment to building long-term customer and supplier relationships and improving the communities and ecosystems where coffee grows.

Independent market insight.

Ron Gabbay

Customers and coffee industry players call on Ron for his expertise and insight regarding a fast-evolving market. After more than five decades of trading and consistent business growth, that’s not surprising.

“Coffee is a relationship business built on trust,” said Ron, whether it’s with our customers, service providers or partners at origin.  Ron and our trading team regularly visit our coffee sources at origin and continue to nurture long-standing relationships.

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